Atay Otomat History

Atay Otomat produces machining parts by use of advanced technology.

It was founded by Şevket ATAY in 1983. He started producing with two free machining in automotive and tractor sector in return for compensation from Türk Demir Döküm Fabrikası. In 1994, with partnership of Ahmet YILMAZ, it took the name of ATAY OTOMAT MAKİNA SAN. VE TİC LTD.ŞTİ. being the title of institutional firm. With references of UZEL MAK. A.Ş., (Giant firm of tractor sector) it has increased labour force, machinery and customer portfolio and entered in development process.

Atay Otomat made big investments, following up the world technologies on machining closely, purchased first CNC machine in 1998. Although it was caught in crisis 1998-99, recovering from it without affecting the firm. Our firm adopting quality principle both in its products and service subsequently having ISO Quality Management System in 2002 has made a distinguished name with each passing day for itself in international and domestic market with responsibility, reliability, advanced technology and taking its job serious.

Quality Policy

Gradually increasing competitiveness and quality level reached emerge as one of important factors of preferability as today technology progresses. All levels in supply chain to be formed from customer in main industry and sub-industry are acceptable. Quality goods level and existence of production will bring customer satisfaction.

Introducing quality and developing, protecting, advancing it continuously, satisfying customer wishes at an economic level have also become indispensable responsibility of producers.

Atay Otomat Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi has targeted developing product quality, transmitting it in quality, fails free, complete way, meeting unconditional customer satisfaction in best standard with the intention of satisfying the requests of its valuable customers.

Checkout and analysis provides error free production by applying technique consciously through approaching both technically and theoretically. Atay Otomat develops its quality control method and update itself with a great excitement day by day.

Atay Otomat Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi has begun exporting in 2000. We export to leading firms of automotive industry of countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland, England, Belgium and Hungary.

Based on growing demand, our export has gained speed increasing continuously. We adopt our values on this subject. We also add new ones every passing day.
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